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Dome barrier – Guided bone regeneration

Bioresorbable dome barrier bone graft

Bioresorbable dome barrier bone graft Dome barrier bone grafting technique is a guided bone regeneration tenting procedure. It uses slow resorbing pieces of suture material and a membrane to tent the soft tissue and allow the bone to form under. The dental code for the dome barrier grafting is the same as GBR, which is […]

Guided Bone Regeneration

gbr vertical bone graft

GBR = Guided Bone Regeneration Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) is a bone grafting technique that uses a barrier to create space for the patient’s native bone to form. Guide bone regeneration can use resorbable collagen membranes, titanium reinforced ePTFE, tiyanium mesh, and/or tenting screws. Guided Bone Regeneration ADA dental code The GBR dental code is […]