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Guided gingival growth

guided gingival growth

Guided gingival growth to increase keratinized tissue Basically just using a healing abutment that isn’t quiet tall enough for it to stick all the way out.  A 2-3mm tall healing abutment is often ideal.  An incision is made to uncover implant, healing abutment is placed, and tissue is sutured up and over.  Tissue heals almost […]

Impression coping reuse

wheaton dental implant

Reuse of impression copings and healing abutments Reuse of impression copings and healing abutments is a debatable topic in clinical dentistry. Dentists can and should reuse impression copings after sterilization. There are studies using impression copings and scan bodies for dental implant impressions 10 times without distortion after sterilization.  Alikhasi 2013 Sawyers 2019 IJOMI Seems […]