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Dental code hybrid denture

dental code hybrid denture

What is dental code hybrid denture? This post covers dental codes for both hybrid dentures, bars and over-dentures, locators/ERA dentures and implant supported full arch bridges.  For those of us providing FFS care, the codes are kind of irrelevant because we are maxing out any dental insurance plan and the cost is mostly out-of-pocket.  These […]

Zirconia framework for implant supported hybrid denture – crowns too! How are they milled?

zirconia all-on-4 implant supported

Zirconia framework and zirconia milling Zirconia framework option for an all on 4 can be a great framework option for an all on 4. The properties of  zirconia make it one of the most common dental ceramic in use.  It’s strong, like really strong, and the esthetics are improving. Zirconia framework milling for an all […]

Implant supported zirconia bridge (all on 4 denture upgrade)

all on 4 full arch hybrid

Implant supported zirconia bridge – What is it? Implant supported zirconia bridge is one of several framework options to make an implant supported bridge. Screw retained implant supported zirconia bridge framework (a hybrid denture upgrade) Case of the week Jane’s implant supported zirconia bridge story The implant supported zirconia bridge and Jane…..  Jane had suffered […]

Tighten implant screws

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Should you go back and re tighten implant screws? Farina 2012 from JOMI recommends re-tightening screws at 6 month post insertion.  With my protocol found here I am comfortable with just replacing them at 1 year.   Update on that.  Don’t mess with them unless a problem.  When delivering it is a good idea to […]

Treatment planning


Treatment planning Implant Supported Prosthesis First in series of 17 posts on this topic  –>Second post 4 main options for implant supported prosthesis Fixed ceramometal prosthesis Fixed detachable prosthesis Overdenture prosthesis Fixed removable prosthesis 1. Fixed ceramometal prosthesis=Fixed full arch implant bridges Cemented crowns on transmucosal abutments OR secured with screws directly into multi-unit abutments.  […]

Conversion or duplication of hybrid


<–13th post  14th in series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Steps to use when going from acrylic temp prosthesis to final or when converting from acrylic to zirconia or porcelain Attach lab analogs to multi-unit abutments Pour type IV stone Make notches Putty index over teeth Opposing impression, facebow (optional), bite reg Lab fabricates […]