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CBCT vertical root fracture

CBCT vertical root fracture

Using a CBCT to find a vertical root fracture (VRF) The accuracy of CBCT diagnosis of a vertical root fracture VRF is poor, especially if the root has a post. Dias JOE 2020 Kumar JOE 2021 meta-analysis finds the same result. CBCT imaging is still not good toll for diagnoinsg vertiacl root fracture in teeth […]

Not using a palatal expander? What are you missing?

example pano x-ray

Palatal expander role in orthodontics – life changing!! When you go to the orthodontist or dentist, you often see the “regular” panoramic x-ray that rotates all the way around the patient’s head.  This is an acceptable x-ray if one is just straightening teeth, but shouldn’t your orthodontist be doing more?  (Hint: the answer is YES!) […]