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Implant placement on a slope

pilot drill initial position

Placing dental implant into bone with a slope Great video showing why bone osteotomy will move towards lower end of slope.  Useful in anterior immediates as well as sloped bone anywhere. Bill Schaeffer video Start video at 7:20 to see counter sink method for posterior teeth Drill pilot hole Counter sink large round 4mm bur […]

Immediate placement/load protocol


<–15th post  16th in series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Surgical considerations No pathology, no significant grafting Primary stability of implant with insertion torques of 35-45Ncm min. Meta-analysis says 20Ncm Eliminate occlusal overload (interferences) Cross arch stabilization (splinted restorative) Patient compliance Advantages Support and maintenance of gingival and bony architecture Min. post op discomfort […]