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Implant placement on a slope

pilot drill initial position

Placing dental implant into bone with a slope Great video showing why bone osteotomy will move towards lower end of slope.  Useful in anterior immediates as well as sloped bone anywhere. Bill Schaeffer video Start video at 7:20 to see counter sink method for posterior teeth Drill pilot hole Counter sink large round 4mm bur […]

Immediate placement/load protocol


<–15th post  16th in series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Immediate placement  and immediate load protocol for implant supported prosthesis Surgical considerations of immediate placement and immediate load No pathology, no significant grafting Primary stability of implant with insertion torques of 35-45Ncm min. Meta-analysis says 20Ncm Eliminate occlusal overload (interferences) Cross arch stabilization (splinted […]