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External Cervical Resorption

external cervical resorption treatment

External Cervical Resorption Treatment options – Also known as Invasive Cervical Root Resorption External cervical resorption and the subset of extra canal invasive resorption can be detrimental to a tooth. This pages discusses external cervical resorption treatment options and also discusses some general information about external invasive cervical root resorption. The best article I’ve seen […]

Molar root canal with resorption


Case of the week I chose this case because the root canal turned out beautifully and it was an unusual diagnosis, resorption of a molar.  I take great pride in completely finishing upper molar root canals, ie finding and cleaning the fourth canal.  Many of the “specialists” in our area do not EVER do this […]

WM 71 20(17)-24 Categories here are race sex age then the numbers are MB2 present(cleansed and filled)-total


Categories of this blog are Tooth vital – tooth necrotic # teeth with MB2 present- able to cleanse and shape the MB2 – MB2 join MB1 – teeth I consider calcified that no MB2 was found – total # of 1st molar treated MB2 distance from MB1 – join MB1 13-11=24 20-17-8-0-24 2-3mm-no   Internal […]