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Gum graft around implants

gum graft around dental implant

What are the options for a gum graft around dental implants? Gum graft around dental implants are something we do to increase the amount of healthy thick keratinized tissue. This may be more ideal to do before a dental implant. When is a gum graft around a dental implant beneficial? Although there is some debate […]

Gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery

keratinized tissue regeneration

A method to gain keratinized tissue pre-implant surgery The first question to ask is do you need more keratinized tissue? How much are you starting with? There are different methods to use depending on if a tooth is still in place or not. Many premolars and canines lack much keratinized tissue and may benefit from […]

Dental Implant Research

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Dental Implant Research Oct 12  1.5-2mm bone buccal and lingual narrow diameter 3.75mm or less conical connection abutment platform switch .4mm or more provisionalize immediately definitive stock Zr abutment and abutment level impression 1.5mm to tooth 3mm between implants 5mm from crest to contact point for papilla fill subcrestal placement They are talking about Ankylos […]