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Dental Laser

Dr. Bauer's are a Wheaton family dental practice

Dental Laser uses and types Dental laser use continues to rise as more powerful lasers come to market and dentists become more aware of their uses. We now use a Solea CO2 laser that allows to efficiently cut hard tissue as well as soft tissue. Dental Laser treatment options We currently have and use a […]

Cold Sore laser treatment (aphthous ulcer too)

cold sore laser treatment

Cold Sore laser treatment protocol RAU (recurrent aphthous ulcer) cause – Autoimmune. Chrohns, HIV, Bechets. Citrus fruit, trauma, stress, lack of sleep, immune system reactions, deficiency of b12, iron, or folic acid. Hormonal fluctuations. Sodium Lauryl sulfate Cold sore cause = HSV 1 Energy up to .8-1.2W Un-initiated tip. Notice very little change except in […]