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Bioactive dental materials

Bioactive dental materials calcium silicate calcium aluminate

What are Bioactive dental materials? Bioactive dental materials release compounds that help regenerate or maintain dental structures. In the past fluoride release was the only mineral that was in bioactive materials. Today we have materials that also release calcium and phosphate ions. Dentists use bioactive materials to remineralize dentin, repair bony defect, and maintain dental […]

Cosmetic case published in Dental Product Shopper – Wheaton cosmetic dentist

cosmetic dentisty

100% Porcelain crowns replace old porcelain fused to metal crowns Case of the week Grace has disliked her old porcelain fused to metal crowns for about 30 years.  This was totally unknown to our office until I added the question “Is there anything you are unhappy with?” to my regular examination chit-chat.  90-95% of the […]

Regenerative endodontic therapy

Regenerative endodontic therapy

Regenerative endodontic therapy – What is it? Regenerative endodontic therapy technique for the revitalization of a necrotic immature tooth. Tooth must be necrotic pulp with immature apex Minimal to no dentinal manipulation Place intracanal medicament (usually triple antibiotic) DAP better cause no stain of minocycline (metronidazole and ciprofloxacin) Sabrah 2013 mTAP (modified TAP) ciprofloxacin, metronidazole, […]

Apicoectomy and Direct pulp cap


What techniques and products are best for endodontic microsurgery? – MTA Super EBA Microsurgery has better outcomes than retreatment, which makes sense for many reasons and I agree with UNLESS can see reason for failure like a missed canal. Curtis JOE 2018 BP-RPM is comparable to MTA for endodontic microsurgery according to Zhoe JOE 2017 […]