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Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated

Image of a Biohorizons PEEK contour healer

Looking to see if your Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is seated on your x-ray? Is your Biohorizons PEEK abutment seated? Biohorizons PEEK temporary abutment is radiolucent thus it does not show on you x-ray.  This makes it tough to know if it is fully down. Unfortunately, there is no website in existence like What Implant […]

Pekkton (PEKK) – PEEK

PEKK, Pekkton ivory

What is Pekkton (PEKK)? PEKK is a thermoplastic polyaryletherketone or PAEK.  It is similar to PEEK, whose main dental use is for temporary dental implant abutments.  The patent for PEKK is owned by this company and Anaxadent is the US distributor. However, Ultaire AKP is also PAEK material so not sure if the patent is […]