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Pekkton (PEKK) – PEEK

PEKK, Pekkton ivory

What is Pekkton (PEKK)? PEKK is a thermoplastic polyaryletherketone or PAEK.  It is similar to PEEK, whose main dental use is for temporary dental implant abutments.  The patent for PEKK is owned by this company and Anaxadent is the US distributor. However, Ultaire AKP is also PAEK material so not sure if the patent is […]

Telescope crown or konus (conus) crown?

wheaton dentist

Telescope crown, konus (conus) crown, or insertion coping? Telescope crown, konus crown or conus crown, and insertion coping are all different names given to similar retention strategies for a removable prosthesis. They can be on dental implants or teeth. Telescope crown v conus crown v insertion coping Diagram showing the differences – This is all […]

Lab Technique


Lost wax investment technique with teeth in a wax trial denture Advancements PMMA used since 1930’s polymethylmethacrylate Recent advancements is delivery of PMMA through injection molding In 2002 LC thermoplastic urethane-dimethacrylate resin Advantage of urethane-dimethacryalte No monomer No flasking and packing Short processing times Less than half volumetric shrinking compared to PMMA Will bond to […]

Laboratory work for Zirconia substructure CAD CAM

zirconia all-on-4 implant supported

CAD CAM laboratory work for Zirconia substructures Laboratory work for Zirconia substructures is more technique and product sensitive than some of the other options. We must take great care must in product selection and fabrication of zirconia substructures. <–5th post  6th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Laboratory work for zirconia substructures […]

Conversion or duplication of hybrid


<–13th post  14th in series of 17 on topic  Next post–> Steps to use when going from acrylic temp prosthesis to final or when converting from acrylic to zirconia or porcelain Attach lab analogs to multi-unit abutments Pour type IV stone Make notches Putty index over teeth Opposing impression, facebow (optional), bite reg Lab fabricates […]