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Ca(OH)2 removal


Ca(OH)2 removal in endodontics Ca(OH)2 removal depends on several factors including type of CaOH2 that one uses, file systems, and solutions. Root canal therapy still relies on Ca(OH)2 for case so this topic is of importance. Ca(OH)2 removal of oil or water Ca(OH)2 Important distinction is if water based or oil based.  Water based can […]

Root canal anatomy – Vertucci


 Root canal anatomy classification Vertucci classification Sert and Bayiril classification Gulabivala supplemental canal configurations Weine classification Walker classification Yeung Yi Hsu isthmi classification Nomenclature molar root canals If you want a print out of all the classificatins together on one word file for a reference click here Internal root canal anatomy The internal anatomy of […]

Consent for Root Canal Treatment (RCT)


  ____________________________________________________     I hereby authorize Patient Name Dr. Bryan Bauer to perform a root canal treatment on tooth number  _________________ The intent of this procedure is to eliminate pain and infection in order to save the tooth from extraction.  Alternatives of doing nothing or extracting and possibly replacing the tooth were made known to me. […]

Bacteria in endodontics


Apical Periodontitis 16S rDNA PCR-DGGE approach Band No. Bacterial species Similarity with nearest matches (%) GenBank accession number Total (% of isolates) 1 P. endodontalis 98 AB547659.1 4 (30.8) 2 Capnocytophaga gingivalis 100 AB638448.1 2 (15.4) 3 Pseudoramibacter alactolyticus 100 AB036761.1 3 (23.1) 4 Firmicutes sp. oral clone CK057 100 AF287778.1 1 (7.7) 5 Dialister […]