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Ca(OH)2 removal


Ca(OH)2 removal in endodontics Ca(OH)2 removal depends on several factors including type of CaOH2 that one uses, file systems, and solutions. Root canal therapy still relies on Ca(OH)2 for case so this topic is of importance. Ca(OH)2 removal of oil or water Ca(OH)2 Important distinction is if water based or oil based.  Water based can […]

Root canal anatomy – Vertucci


 Root canal anatomy classification Vertucci classification Sert and Bayiril classification Gulabivala supplemental canal configurations Weine classification Walker classification Yeung Yi Hsu isthmi classification Nomenclature molar root canals If you want a print out of all the classificatins together on one word file for a reference click here Internal root canal anatomy The internal anatomy of […]

NaOCl accident during root canal treatment treatment


Best treatment, like most, is prevention.  Using a side-vented needle with the correct pump technique should prevent this from ever happening. Signs of extrusion of NaOCl into the periapical tissue and beyond are failure of solution to continue to flow out endo access, intense bleeding, and perhaps a burning sensation to the patient. Step-by-step Aspirate […]

BF 43


Nothing special other than she didn’t come back for 18 months after initial treatment and of course the temp was gone.  I finished it today even though I would like to have let it sit with CaOH for another 2-4 weeks.  I suspect the chances of these being successful are much lower now. initial CaOH […]

WF 45 #12


Necrotic.  Strange anatomy.  Thought would have three canals based on pre-op with 2 buccal and 1 lingual.  then thought after seeing CaOH shot that it was a 1-2-1-2.  Finally used piezo to open up pretty deep for better visual and after a bunch of WL xrays I think it’s just a 1-2 but with a […]