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Tunnel connective tissue graft

rolled connective tissue pedicle graft

Tunnel connective tissue graft options Tunnel connective tissue grafts are becoming more common and the steps and techniques may vary from clinician to clinician. Pedicle tunnel connective tissue graft The pedicle tunnel connective tissue graft is a nice trick for anterior soft tissue grafting. A vascularized interpositional periosteal (VIP) connective tissue graft and interpositional vascularized […]

Cervical lesion surgical treatment

worn away gums

Cervical lesion treatment options of Connective Tissue Graft or Alloderm Etiology of cervical lesions is multi-factorial.   Before After Conditions impacting success Material used Tooth root surface Surgical technique Host conditions such as healing ability, muscle pulls, post op care Surgical treatment options for noncarious cervical lesion (NCCL) Vertically coronally advanced flap (V-CAF) and connective […]