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Dental liner

dental liners

Dental liner – What is it? Dental liner is refers to a material or technique that we use to prevent sensitivity in deep dental fillings.  Dentists can use a variety of products and techniques.  Products care the market today are usually bioactive and/or resin based.  MTA, glass ionomer, resin-modified glass ionomer, calcium silicate, and others […]

3D intraoral scanner

Intraoral scanner

Studies comparing different 3D intraoral scanners to traditional Intraoral scanner = Worse 3M scanner v. alginate impression. accuracy about same. chair time alginate much faster but operator did not have much experience 20 min v 7:30 min.  Pt preferred alginate 73% of time but usually because “faster” or “easier”.  Grunheid 2014 3M v VSE (arguably […]

Sensitive teeth


What do I do about my sensitive teeth? Sensitive teeth is a very common issue dentists deal with. What causes teeth to be sensitive? There are A LOT of patients with sensitive teeth and the issue is generally one of two things or a combination of the two. Overusing a whitening product, often a whitening […]