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Porcelain repair

Image of failed PFM repair

Need steps for a porcelain repair with composite? Porcelain repair with composite is possible but is more technique sensitive than most dentistry. Porcelain repair step by step Bevel and roughen with rough diamond (or sandblast) Apply 9% HF 1 minute – 90 seconds Regular phosphoric acid etch 20 seconds agitated to clean and remove salts […]

Bonding Agents

dental composite or white filling

 Dental Bonding Agents Basically all have an acidic conditioner, dentin primer, and bonding resin. 3M products Optibond products Bisco 4th Generation dental bonding agent Gold standard. 1 etch 2 rinse 3 prime 4 bond more technique sensitive Top 3 3M Adper Scotchbond Multi-purpose plus Optibond FL All-Bond 2 5th Generation dental bonding agent 1 etch […]