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RDA toothpaste Relative Dentin Abrasivity

toothpaste RDA abrasive levels abrasion

What is the Relative Dentin Abrasivity RDA of your toothpaste? RDA toothpaste levels are important but you never hear about them! Are you looking for a toothpaste with low RDA Relative Dentin Abrasivity?  If so you have come to the right page. The RDA value tells how hard on your teeth a toothpaste is. Toothpaste […]

Abfraction causes

abfraction lesion

Abfraction causes or NCCL causes The cause of an abfraction, more properly known as non-carious cervical lesion (NCCL),  is debatable.  Abfraction by definition is related to occlusal stress.  Although many use the terms interchangeably, I will use NCCL to describe the lesions except where occlusal stress is believed or reported to be the cause.  NCCLs […]

Anterior wear


Anterior wear no posterior must make shallow guidance. unknown source Must ortho intrude or cl anteriors? Spear Cupped anteriors showing lack of room for envelope of movement.   Pathway Wear  From Spear The wear this patient has on her lower anteriors is something I know you all have seen before. I bet if you look […]



Tooth wear is caused by 3 distinct processes Erosion = loss of tooth structure due to chemicals Attrition = tooth against tooth wear Abrasion = tooth against foreign object (toothbrush) Tooth surface loss will typically result in compensatory tooth eruption and alveolar bone growth resulting in no change in vertical dimension of occlusion VDO.  Will […]