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Abfraction causes

abfraction lesion

Abfraction causes or NCCL causes The cause of an abfraction, more properly known as non-carious cervical lesion (NCCL),  is debatable.  Abfraction by definition is related to occlusal stress.  Although many use the terms interchangeably, I will use NCCL to describe the lesions except where occlusal stress is believed or reported to be the cause.  NCCLs […]

Tooth Erosion

tooth erosion GERD

What are the causes of tooth erosion? Tooth erosion can have several causes and may be multi-factorial but all causes of dental erosion are ACID RELATED!!!  I call them ACIDIC EVENTS. A list of dental tooth erosion causing conditions and products. Carbonated beverages (soda) – swishing any liquid before swallowing is even worse Sports and […]