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Trial Smile

dental veneers temporary trial smile

Trial Smile A trial smile is a temporary version of dental veneers or dental crowns before we actually do anything permanent to the teeth. It is a great way for people to see what they are getting themselves into before investing a lot of time, money, and before doing irreversible tooth modifications. We typically do […]

Veneers to replace old misshaped and miscolored crowns

veneer smile upgrade

Dental veneers and a little bonding Case of the week Jessica never really liked her smile.  She was missing two front teeth that were replaced with dental implants and crowns as a girl and had one center crown placed that was misshaped in comparison to the tooth next to it.  The color of the front […]

Dental veneers upgrade a smile

Veneers with natural teeth

Dental Veneers case of the week Sally was at the point in her life where her kids were out of college and she was ready to do something nice for herself.  She wanted a natural looking smile upgrade and was originally interested in saving her own natural middle two teeth and doing dental veneers on […]

Natural looking smile upgrade!

natural looking smile upgrade

Natural looking smile with dental veneers A natural looking smile with dental veneers is possible, no matter what you consider natural! Case of the week Sharon’s natural looking dental veneers Sharon was on a recent trip with her daughter and noticed how yellow and worn down her teeth were getting in the family photos.  Although […]

Broken tooth fixed with a VERY life like porcelain veneer

before and after new veneers

Case of the week Sometimes when an accident occurs and a front tooth is broken a decision is made to re-face the entire tooth with a porcelain veneer.  It is very challenging for all those involved to get a “perfect ” match.  Fortunately their are very skilled lab technicians out there that are capable of […]

Broken tooth fixed with composite

Martin before and after

Case of the week Sam took a spill late night on his college campus on a sheet of ice and landed directly on his mouth.  The result can be seen below.  Fortunately the tooth did not break into the nerve and I was thus able to restore the tooth with a composite veneer. I don’t […]

Broken front tooth saved by Dr. Bauer with composite veneer!

broken front tooth

Case of the week Frank fell and broke his tooth off as a young man but forntuantly saved the teeth and his previous dentist was able to bond the two pieces back togehter and it lasted for several decades UNTIL ……….   I received a photo in a text message stating the piece is now […]

Why Composite Veneers?

whitening front teeth

Composite veneers Ceramic or porcelain veneers are what people are usually talking about when they say they got veneers or when someone famous gets veneers.  However, there is a an alternative…composite veneers.  The difference is what the veneer is made of and how we make it. There are several circumstances in which composite is a […]

Your smile is first thing 47% people notice

USA Today snapshots graphic

Your smile is important both socially and professionally! Your smile is the first thing 47% of people notice about you!!!  If yours needs some improvements give us a call!  We are a wheaton cosmetic dentist and orthodontist at the same location!