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Your Wheaton Cosmetic Dentist Explains Veneers

wheaton dental veneers side view

Understanding The Process And Benefits Of Dental Veneers The way you present yourself can mean the difference between making or breaking that interview, getting that client or impressing that company, or meeting that special someone. First impressions are lasting and your smile is a big part making a good first impression. If you’ve tried everything, […]

Composite veneers – Wheaton cosmetic dentist

Image of some Wheaton veneers

Veneers in Wheaton by cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer Case of the week Tiffany had slowly gotten more and more upset with her smile.  Small chips and breaks started to add up and the aging of existing dentistry didn’t help.  She had attempted to have things improved with another local general dentist but wasn’t happy with […]

Impacted canine tooth

wheaton orthodontics

Impacted canine tooth exposure for orthodontics Impacted canine tooth exposure is a common issue, occurring in up to 2.8% of canines, that we need to address during orthodontic treatment. What are the different severities in canine impaction? There are a few major types of situations that we see when a canine is not erupting.  The […]

Permanent Maryland bridge

maryland bridge

Maryland bridge Maryland bridge is a common prosthesis for patients that are too young or don’t have the bone for dental implants.  Often they are done when a person is missing a lateral incisor.  The lateral incisor is the small tooth right next to the center one.  This is genetic, very common and it runs […]