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Bleeding during implant surgery

wheaton dental implants

How to stop bleeding during dental implant surgery Best to avoid prior to happening, obviously.  Three high risk areas are going to be the lingual foramen and sublingual area, the maxillary incisive canal, and the PSSA (posterior superior alveolar artery) in the lateral wall of the sinus. Steps Pressure and guaze Hemostatic agent like gelfoam  […]

Dental Implant Risk Factors


Dental implant risk factors PEARL Network risk factors JADA 2014 July History severe periodontitis Preexisting inflammation in site (endo lesion or perio lesion) Type IV bone Immediate vs delayed Anterior vs posterior Risk Factors (highlight those linked to “cluster phenomenon”) poor bone quality or bone bone support untreated chronic periodontitis active infections systemic diseases (diabetes […]

Peri-implantitis, peri-implant mucositis, and peri-implant gingivitis


What is peri-implantitis? Peri-implantitis is similar to periodontal disease in that it has 2 phases; peri-implantitis which is similar to periodontitis and peri-implant mucositis which is similar to gingivitis. Periimplantitis is an inflammatory process with suppuration (pus) and/or bleeding with progressing bone loss after the adaptive phase. In other words after the implant has healed […]

Platform Switching Research


Platform Switching Research .4mm or more seems to be the number Systemic Review Shows platform switching is favorable Monje 2015 JOMI Platform Switching works. .4mm or greater but survival same  Lit review by Atieh and Ibrahim   Shifts inflammation away allowing CT extend coronally past microgap Cochran 2013 “platform switching, seems to provoke a circular […]

Hard Tissue Regeneration and Implant Surgery August 2011


This is a pretty good reference textbook.  Silverstein’s book covers socket preservation, immediate implant, ridge expansion, sinus lift, GBR with acellular dermal matrix, ramus and symphysis blocks.  I suppose this is as good as it gets when it comes to learning these procedures from a book.  Really you need some hands on training and just […]