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Buffered dental anesthetic

buffered dental anesthetic

What is the deal with buffered dental anesthetic? The theory is that buffering anesthetic makes the injection less painful as it changes the pH of the solution from acidic to a close to neutral pH.  It is also theorized that the anesthetic can work faster and be more profound as anesthetic doesn’t work until neutral and […]

High torque on dental implants during placement


High torque does not impact success of dental implant High insertion torque for dental implant is >50Ncm Cassetta JOMI 2022 High implant torque (>50Ncm) does not result in greater stability. Li JOMI 2015 – Meta-analysis – Marginal bone loss shows no correlation to conventional and high torque for dental implant High torque in dense bone […]

Dental care in the ICU reduces risk of infection – Wheaton Dentist


The importance of dental care in relation to lung infection A new study by Bellissimo 2014 shows that dental care received in the ICU reduced the risk of lung infection by 56%.  Survival rates were only slightly better but the decrease in infections and time spent in the hospital is pretty substantial. There have been […]

Dentists for Cecil’s pride

wildlife conservation

Dentists hunting cavities, not lions There has been a lot of social media with regards to the taking of Cecil the lion.   The news coverage has focused pretty heavily on the fact Cecil was killed by a dentist.  Despite the loss, this is probably the best opportunity African wildlife has had to gather funds to […]

Magnification in dentistry

dental loupes

Why is magnification in dentistry important? Magnification in dentistry is critical to great care. The higher the magnification the greater the visual acuity and even if we actually work at a lower magnification viewing the higher magnification helps. Magnification in general dentistry You can’t treat, diagnose, or understand what you can’t see!   More magnification makes […]

Dental Implant Nerve Damage – Classify and treatment

imlpant or extraction nerve damage

Dental Implant Nerve Damage During surgery Dental Implant Nerve Damage is a known risk for dental implant surgery.  It can occur at several different stages of the dental implant procedure. Diagnosing the cause of the injury is very important for how you treat the injury. Dental Implant Nerve Damage Description and classification is found below […]