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Mesiodens erupted

Mesiodens – supernumerary teeth (hyperdontia) Mesiodens is the most common supernumerary tooth. If it erupts into the mouth it will look like a small fang in between the middle two teeth on top. What is the mesiodens? It is an accessory tooth that is located in between the two central incisors (basically right in the […]

Hard Reline

Dr. Bauers family and the pediatric dentist

Hard reline products COE-RECT – GC America Inc. Elite Hard Relining – Zhermack Inc GC RELINE – GC America Inc. Hygenic Acrylic – Coltène Justi – American Tooth Industries KOOLINER – GC America Inc. MucoHard Hard Reline Resin – Parkell, Inc. Original Truliner / New Truliner – Bosworth Company Probase / SR Ivocap / IvoBase […]

ICOI Dental Implant Seminar

wheaton dental implant

ICOI Dental Implant Seminar 2014 Continuing education is an important aspect of life here at Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics.  Dr. Bauer, along with his staff attend many continuing education classes and seminars.  The most recently attended seminar was the ICOI Summer Implant Prosthetic Symposium that took place right here in Chicago last weekend!  Our entire […]

ALS Ice bucket challenge 2014

Video thumbnail for youtube video q_dsuhcotywVideo thumbnail for youtube video q_dsuhcotyw

ALS Ice bucket challenge 2014 Bauer Orthodontics is pleased to take the ALS challenge! We thought this was a great way to raise money and awareness for ALS. Having Dr. Bauer lose a family member to ALS made this cause that much more important to us. We decided to enlist some of our staff to […]

2014 Cosley Classic Golf Outing

2014 Cosley Classic Golf Outing Last week, our office had the opportunity to participate in the annual Mike Williams Cosley Classic Golf Outing as we have done for many years. This year we sponsored a few holes which gave our staff the opportunity to cheer on all the golfers as they came through the course […]

Temporomandibular disorder TMD

Classification of TMD

Temporomandibular disorder TMD Temporomandibular disorders (TMDs) are characterized by pain in the muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and/or the muscles associated with mastication in the head and neck.  Patients typically experience pain, limited opening, and/or clicking/popping of the TMJ joint.  This condition is much more common in females.  The severity of TMD ranges […]