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Platform Switching Research


Platform Switching Research .4mm or more seems to be the number Systemic Review Shows platform switching is favorable Monje 2015 JOMI Platform Switching works. .4mm or greater but survival same  Lit review by Atieh and Ibrahim   Shifts inflammation away allowing CT extend coronally past microgap Cochran 2013 “platform switching, seems to provoke a circular […]

Do the kids love Dr. B Bauer?


  I have found working “super fast” is critical with young children.  Seeing the attention span of my own young ones and being the oldest of 5 children growing up I feel speed is critical when treating children.  We use very strong topical gels and give the injection in 2 steps.  With this technique the […]

NaOCl accident during root canal treatment treatment


Best treatment, like most, is prevention.  Using a side-vented needle with the correct pump technique should prevent this from ever happening. Signs of extrusion of NaOCl into the periapical tissue and beyond are failure of solution to continue to flow out endo access, intense bleeding, and perhaps a burning sensation to the patient. Step-by-step Aspirate […]

How long does a dental crown last?


Dental crown survival rates Dental crown categories can be sub-divided into porcelain fused to metal 3,2 (many different types of metal being used), porcelain fused to ceramic (alumina and zirconia but really just zirconia), metal crowns 4 (many types), ceramic crowns 1 (also many types), and the newest form of ceramic/resin hybrids (also many types).  […]

Dental Implant Torque Guide


Dental Implant Torque Guide Dental implant torque guide is a quick cheat sheet that provides most of the popular denatl implant system torque recommendations. Torque guides are great but how accurate is your dental torque wrench? Basically they are almost all wrong most of the time. Albayrak JPD 2017 Styles of dental torque wrenches There […]