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Laser treatment of Venous Lake lesion

lower lip dark spot

A Venous Lake is a small vascular lesion most commonly seen on the lower lip.  It does not necessitate removal and is of no medical risk to the individual that has it.  A definitive way to ensure that it is a venous lake formation and not something else is to place pressure on it and […]

Cracked root canal tooth?

s4 tooth

Methlyene blue can really help! So this patient had a root canal done a week prior by a local endodontist. Tooth had a small fracture which is why the nerve was injured and why required a root canal.  The endodontist did a fabulous job and found and cleansed and shaped the MB2, which unfortunately a […]

A thank you card for our charity event

client letter

Every year we provide lunch for the Cosley Classic Golf Outing at Arrowhead that raises money for the local zoo.  Although neither Dr. D or myself are avid or even decent golfers we always take 2 foursomes of patients and “compete”.  We have manged to win best dressed a few times but that is all. […]

Do the kids love Dr. B Bauer?

client letter

  I have found working “super fast” is critical with young children.  Seeing the attention span of my own young ones and being the oldest of 5 children growing up I feel speed is critical when treating children.  We use very strong topical gels and give the injection in 2 steps.  With this technique the […]

Don has missing tooth replaced with implant after 40 years!

bauer dentistry family image

Don had his dental implants placed by Dr. Bauer and restored by Dr. Bauer after living with a space for over 40 years!  He was pretty excited to finally have a tooth there and said we should take a picture or something after we were all done.  So we did!  Thank you Don for being […]

How long does a dental crown last?

orthodontic crowns

Dental crown survival rates Dental crown categories can be sub-divided into porcelain fused to metal 3,2 (many different types of metal being used), porcelain fused to ceramic (alumina and zirconia but really just zirconia), metal crowns 4 (many types), ceramic crowns 1 (also many types), and the newest form of ceramic/resin hybrids (also many types).  […]

Warning about corporate dentistry!!

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

I have found this to be a major issue in our field and it seems to be getting worse. The problem is that the corporate offices tend to hire, for lack of a better term, temporary dentists.  Rarely will you find a place where the doctor has been there more than 3 years.  Typically they […]