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SDA concept

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer

Basically, the SDA concept (shortened dental arch) is fine SDA concept or shortened dental arch concept is the concept of a dental arch (upper or lower jawbone) that does not have the back teeth or molars. Many studies continue to show that individuals without these back teeth have little impact on things including chewing, speaking, […]

Jaw bone loss

bone loss

Jaw bone loss if you do not get dental implants Jaw bone loss is something that is very apparent to health car professionals. Even you likely recognize the impact but did not know it was bone loss. Have you ever seen an older woman or man with a short face and lower jaw sticking out? […]

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis

before and after dental implant

Maintenance and Complications – Implant supported prosthesis Maintenance and complications of the implant supported prosthesis is something we all must be aware of and paying attention to as the recommendations are likely to continue to evolve with new materials and new research. <–11th post 12th in a series of 17 on topic  Next post–> How […]