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Nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in dentistry and orthodontics – Wheaton orthodontist

wheaton orthodontics

Collection of studies and information about nickel allergy or nickel sensitivity in the dental field Orthodontics Nickel titanium wires are often used for orthodontics. Nickel ion release is higher when a cell phone is used a lot.  The saliva concentration of nickel in patients with nickel titanium wires or other orthodontic appliances containing nickel is […]

Anterior open bite

Photos of an example of an anterior open bite

AOB or anterior open bite treatment options Anterior open bite treatment options can be confusing, difficult and the problem can relapse. Anterior open bite causes Typically the cases are multi-factorial involving both hereditary and environmental factors. The causes break down into skeletal and dental problems. AOB treatment options There are several options to fix an […]