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Your Wheaton Orthodontist Explains Accelerated Orthodontics

Wheaton Orthodontist

Your Wheaton Orthodontist Explains How Accelerated Orthodontics Work Are you considering getting braces?  If so, you’ve probably asked or wondered, “How long will my braces have to stay on?” Typically the answer is about one to three years, or longer. However, your Wheaton orthodontist Dr. Danielle offers accelerated orthodontics; a new, emerging treatment that significantly […]

Impacted canine tooth

wheaton orthodontics

Impacted canine tooth exposure for orthodontics Impacted canine tooth exposure is a common issue, occurring in up to 2.8% of canines, that we need to address during orthodontic treatment. What are the different severities in canine impaction? There are a few major types of situations that we see when a canine is not erupting.  The […]

Dental care in the ICU reduces risk of infection – Wheaton Dentist


The importance of dental care in relation to lung infection A new study by Bellissimo 2014 shows that dental care received in the ICU reduced the risk of lung infection by 56%.  Survival rates were only slightly better but the decrease in infections and time spent in the hospital is pretty substantial. There have been […]

Dentists for Cecil’s pride

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Dentists hunting cavities, not lions There has been a lot of social media with regards to the taking of Cecil the lion.   The news coverage has focused pretty heavily on the fact Cecil was killed by a dentist.  Despite the loss, this is probably the best opportunity African wildlife has had to gather funds to […]

2014 Cosley Classic Golf Outing

2014 Cosley Classic Golf Outing Last week, our office had the opportunity to participate in the annual Mike Williams Cosley Classic Golf Outing as we have done for many years. This year we sponsored a few holes which gave our staff the opportunity to cheer on all the golfers as they came through the course […]

3D printed braces

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This year 3D printed anything is all the rage.  One product you almost certainly have heard about but but didn’t know was 3D printed is Invisalign.  3d printers were among the hottest new products at CES this year.  To check out the others click here.  Check out these 3D printed braces!  And with a wheaton […]