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Caring For Teeth With Braces

Braces for Teens

Caring for Teeth with Braces For many of us, braces are a part of life when we were kids. In many instances adults are getting braces as well. And like kids, we all enjoy reaping their benefits such as correcting crooked teeth, spacing out crowded teeth, bringing spaced out teeth back together, and genuinely improving […]

Orthodontist near me

orthodontist near me

Did you search “Orthodontist near me”? Orthodontist near me is near the top of the list of things people search for in order to find a good local orthodontist. Finding an orthodontist near your home or work is often an important factor, although it should not be the only factor. Almost certainly the most important […]

Dentist near me?

dentist near me wheaton

Did you search “dentist near me” Dentist near me is one of the more popular things people search in order to find a dentist close by. Finding a dentist close to where you live is certainly a major factor in choosing the right dentist for you or your family and a google search term like […]

Periodontal treatment molars longevity

Periodontal treatment of molars – Treat it or pull it? The Journal of Periodontology recently published an article following over 800 molars that had periodontal treatment done with post-treatment time ranging from 15 to 40 years (average of 24 years). They created a scoring system based on age, probing depth, mobility, furcation involvement, molar type, […]