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Xylitol sweetener

xylitol cabdy

Xylitol sweetener – What is it? Xylitol is a natural alcohol found in almost all plants, but in very low doses.  Commercially it is made by concentrating these small amounts found in birchwood.  It is used in candy, gum, toothpaste, and mouth-rinses.  The primary reason is that it appears to aid in decay prevention (although […]

Dental caries – decay – cavity – cavities

Managing dental caries

Dental caries – Decay – Cavity – Cavities Dental caries is the name of a disease resulting from ecologic shift within the dental biofilm that we maintain with frequent consumption of fermentable dietary carbohydrates. This results in an imbalance between demineralization and remineralization and eventually in the loss of dental hard tissue. What is dental […]