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Zirconia framework fracture

zirconia framework fracture

Zirconia framework fracture Zirconia framework fracture is certainly a very bad day!  A zirconia framework fracture would result in the entire prosthesis needing to be remade.  A considerable amount of time and money would have gone into this prosthesis.  One thing for sure is that the thickness of material around the screw access holes is […]

Zirconia framework for implant supported hybrid denture – crowns too! How are they milled?

zirconia all-on-4 implant supported

Zirconia framework and zirconia milling Zirconia framework option for an all on 4 can be a great framework option for an all on 4. The properties of  zirconia make it one of the most common dental ceramic in use.  It’s strong, like really strong, and the esthetics are improving. Zirconia framework milling for an all […]

Zirconia dental crown

zirconia dental crown

Zirconia dental crown Zirconia dental crowns are a kind of ceramic crown. They are a CAD CAM technology and a dental lab will mill the crown from a puck of material. They are popular due to the fact they are very strong, cost effective, and are similar to natural tooth color.  The most popular brand […]