Looking for a Wheaton Orthodontist?

Wheaton Orthodontist needed for you or your child?  Our orthodontist, Dr. Danielle Bauer, is well-versed in braces of all types.  She is passionate about the field of orthodontics and LOVES her patients!  She takes the time to really get to know you and/or your child, so that she can provide the care that you desire.  This mother of 4 is very busy in the community, both with sports and philanthropic interests.  If you see her around town plan to say hello and be greeted by name, because she remembers everyone’s name she meets!

Your Orthodontic Care

When it comes to the actual orthodontic treatment it helps that we have the most advanced technology in the area, CBCT and digital intraorals scanners.  We provide traditional Damon braces and retainers.  However, we also utilize Invisalign, Incognito, and Damon clear brackets.  If you are looking for accelerated orthodontics, we offer both surgical and non-surgical options to shorten your orthodontic treatment time. If you are looking for a Wheaton orthodontist that both lives and works in Wheaton, you have come to the right place!

Want a Wheaton orthodontist? Why choose us?

Why choose us as your orthodontic practice? Well take a look at our answer!

  • Brilliant orthodontist – Dr. Danielle graduated #1 in her dental class.  She is only the second female to have done so in the 110 year history at UIC.  Fluent in Spanish too!
  • Board certified orthodontistONLY board certified orthodontist in Wheaton/Glen Ellyn!
  • Convenience – We can do you or your child’s cleaning and/or dental work at the same visit as their orthodontic visit.  This saves you time without all the trips to different offices!!  We are the only non-corporate office around that can do this!
  • Technology – Rest assured you are in great hands in regards to technology.  We utilize dental lasers, 3D imaging with iCAT CBCT, and in office 3D printing. We also have all digital x-rays and patient files, intraoral scanner for impressions – so no messy goo!, CAD-CAM designed orthodontic work, automated appointment system if you desire, intra-oral cameras, TVs with headphones directly above the dental chairs, and more.

As a dental office as well as an orthodontic office we can offer this special extra that few others can!

  • Extra cleanings while in braces!  Help you avoid getting decay and white spots! – Cleaning around brackets/wires is HARD and kids often get decalcifications, white spots, and/or decay all around where their brackets were.  It looks terrible.  That’s why we recommend many of our orthodontic patients extra cleanings during the calendar year.  The best thing about these free cleanings is they are done at the same time as an orthodontic check-up (so no extra visits)! We remove the wires and really clean the teeth!  A good cleaning just cannot be done with the wires on and it’s highly unlikely that your dentist will be removing these for the regular cleaning appointments.

What do your neighbors think of the THE Wheaton orthodontist?

When you or your child start orthodontic care you will be dealing with the staff and doctor A LOT, so you better like them!  Find out what your neighbors think of us!

  • Customer service – Check out our reviews on facebook, yelp, and google.  Chances are decent that someone you know has already given us a 5 star on facebook. We have more 5 star reviews than the other practices added together.
  • Check our orthodontic review page or just scroll through the box.

Over 1,300 glowing reviews

5 green stars

5 out of 5 stars by 1,343 reviewers

“Bauer Dentisty is great! I used to hate going to the dentist but they make me feel comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. Thanks for everything!”

– Frank B

“Bauer Dentisty is great! I used to hate going to the dentist but they make me feel comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. Thanks for everything!”

– Frank B

“Bauer Dentisty is great! I used to hate going to the dentist but they make me feel comfortable as soon as I walk in the door. Thanks for everything!”

– Frank B

Looking for more reasons to make us your orthodontist?

  • Personal care – Dr. Danielle personally takes the time to talk to a parent at every visit.  This type of patient/orthodontist interaction is extremely rare!
  • Open days a week for emergencies – With multiple doctors in the same office we are here most of the time to clip poky wires or handle other minor orthodontic issues.  No other non-corporate orthodontic practice in Wheaton/Glen Ellyn offers that.
  • One orthodontist from start to finish – Her name is on the door so she’s not going to leave like an orthodontist at a corporate office might.  You won’t get shuffled back and forth between different doctors with different treatment ideas that end up extending your time in orthodontics.  She’s younger so no risk of retirement while you are in treatment.
  • Faster braces or Invisalign – Is length of treatment a concern?  We have multiple options to complete your treatment faster.  Acceledent, Wilkodontics, Incognito and more!
  • Anatamodel movie of your individual treatment – This is a movie showing exactly what your treatment will do.

Don’t forget she is active in our community!

  • Involved in the community – Led by Dr. Danielle, the whole staff is constantly giving back to the community.  Cosley zoo, local 5k runs, local cheerleader/dance teams and the Ross K.MacNeill Foundation are the organizations we are most involved in.  We feel it is so important to give back to this amazing city and it’s citizens!

If you live near or around Wheaton and are looking for a Wheaton orthodontist, we would love to have you come visit us!  We offer a complimentary first visit with the orthodontist, so you can view our office and meet the orthodontist and staff to see if we are the right orthodontic office for you.

How much does an orthodontist cost in Wheaton, IL?

Since the number one question we hear is “What is the cost?”  Seems like we should cover the fee here.  Generally speaking, your zip code and the quality of materials the orthodontist is using will determine the cost.  Typical fees for phase 2 braces in our office is about $6,400, while phase 1 braces are considerably cheaper.  That number can fluctuate by quite a bit though depending on several factors that are too technical to discuss here.   This website lists the common braces fees for any given area.