Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics and Acceledent or Propel

Accelerated orthodontics and devices like Acceledent and Propel are helping people get though orthodontics more efficiently than ever before.  Do you want braces but don’t like the idea of a 2 year time-frame? We have a solution!! Our board certified orthodontist Dr. Danielle Bauer can speed up your time in braces by doing Accelerated orthodontics.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics (AOO) or Accelerated Orthodontics

Accelerated Orthodontics is a great treatment option for individuals who want straight teeth but need extensive movement and/or wish to shorten the time period they must wear their braces or clear aligners.  This procedure consists of putting small perforations in the bone and adding bone graft, which allow teeth to slide through the bone with less resistance. The procedure provides a viable alternative to patients that would otherwise would require jaw surgery. Accelerated orthodontics is also known as Wilckodontics.

Some research has shown even just elevation of the tissue can induce RAP, or regional acceleratory phenomenon. RAP doubles the rate of tooth movement for the short term anyway.


accelerated orthodontics

Diagram representing where the surgical portion of treatment will occur.

A 3D printed guide for precise surgical incisions

Hou AJO 2019 shows a novel surgical guide. This type of guide does allow for a less invasive surgery.

Accelerated orthodontics with a surgical guide is very helpful.

Advantages of accelerated orthodontics:

  1. The surgeon will add bone during the surgery resulting in more bone support than before the braces started. This is important because many adults have compromised bone tissue that may not tolerate conventional orthodontics.  **This leads to the a fantastic benefit – greater stability!
  2. The presence of extra bone can improve the facial appearance.
  3. Treatment time will decrease to 8-12 months for most cases.

Cost of accelerated orthodontics

The cost of this procedure will vary greatly depending on the severity and extent of your case.  The surgical portion will cost $5-12,000 and the orthodontic portion will cost $6-8,000 (2017 costs).


Propel Orthodontics:

Propel system can utilize both a high frequency vibration mouth piece that aids in seating clear aligners, such as Invisalign, as well as micro-osteoperforation procedure (MOPs). The MOPs method has been proven to accelerate tooth movement. AJO-DO 2018 Sugimori

propel orthodonticsCost of Propel Orthodontics

The seating device costs around $500 and the perforations cost will vary depending on your case and may add an extra $1-2,000.  These are 2017 fees.


Acceledent Orthodontics:

AcceleDent mouthpiece

Acceledent is a small hands-free device that uses gentle micropulses (vibrations) that can initiate rapid bone remodeling, thus theoretically making tooth movement faster, although this is not clear in the research Katchooi AJO-DO 2018. Clinically it seems Accceledent does help seat aligners and thus may make that treatment faster. It has been shown to NOT have any advantages with braces AJO-DO 2018 Aljabaa.


Acceledent cost

Cost of Acceledent Orthodontics

Acceledent cost around $800 in 2017 and is not covered by insurance, therefore all costs are out of pocket.