Accelerated Orthodontics

Do you want braces but don’t like the idea of a 2 year timeframe? We have a solution!! We can speed up your time in braces by doing Accelerated orthodontics.

Dr. Danielle offers 2 types of Accelerated Orthodontics: Acceledent and Surgically Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics



Acceledent is a small hands-free device that uses gentle micropulses (vibrations) that initiate rapid bone remodeling, thus making tooth movement faster. You simply bite down on the mouthpiece, let go, and 20 minutes later you are done! This is designed to be used while you are wearing Braces or Invisalign to accelerate your tooth movement. If used daily for 20 minutes, it is proven to decrease time in braces or invisalign by up to 50%!!

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Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™(AOO)

Many adults find it difficult to wear braces for a prolonged period of time, but are not candidates for Invisalign. With the AOO™ procedure, braces can be placed and through a minor in-office periodontal (gum) procedure, teeth are able to move through bone more rapidly, stimulating a response 4 times faster than the normal tooth movement.

With the new AOO™ procedure, patients who would have declined conventional orthodontics strictly due to the length of treatment now have a viable alternative. This group of patients has tended to include adolescents who do not want to wear braces for 1 1/2 to 3 years while in high school and adults whose social or professional responsibilities would preclude their wearing braces for a long period of time. The AOO™ procedure is feasible for most patients, regardless of age, as long as their permanent teeth are present.


  1. More bone is produced around teeth than before the braces started. This is important because many adults have compromised bone tissues that may not tolerate conventional orthodontics.
    **This leads to the most beneficial result – greater stability than traditional orthodontics.
  2. Increase in bone mass allows for subtle improvements in facial appearance and profile.
  3. Four (4) to ten (10) months is the time for a typical orthodontic case completion.

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