Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s)

One of the many important advances in orthodontics has been the recent development of temporary anchorage devices, or TADs.

TADs are made of a bio-compatible titanium alloy and act as miniature bone anchors which are painlessly inserted by Dr. Danielle into specific places in the mouth. These anchors may be used as a fixed point from which teeth can move. Before TADs, orthodontists who wanted to move specific teeth while keeping others still, or to achieve orthodontic movement in a mouth with missing teeth, had to rely on headgear or surgery.


Here, you can see a TAD in the patient’s back left and Dr. Danielle is placing another in the front.


Here is an example of what one looks like on the palate (or roof of the mouth)


Temporary anchorage devices may not be recommended for everyone, and in fact, are not needed at all in most cases. Please contact our office you would like to know more about TADs and how they can potentially assist in orthodontic treatment.