White pediatric crown – stainless steel crown alternative

Stainless steel crown alternative is now available!

That’s right, a pediatric white dental crown!

Does your child have a metal allergy? Do think a smile like this is unnatural looking?  Are you aware a stainless steel crown alternative exists?

stainless steel crown alternative

For years, this type of treatment was the only option for badly decayed baby teeth. Fortunately, advances in ceramics has created a product that looks like a tooth! Are you looking for this new stainless steel crown alternative? Well we have your answer!!! It’s a white zirconia crown and it looks like a natural tooth!

white pediatric crown

Our wheaton pediatric dentist, Dr. Lynsey Briney, has found the perfect stainless steel crown alternative with EZ-Pedo. This crown is a zirconia based product, similar to many of the adult crowns made today. It is the strongest ceramic material available today in the dental field. Dr. Briney is specially trained in the white pediatric dental crown technology and is now offering this advanced service right here in Wheaton!

Stainless steel vs white pediatric dental crown

The main difference is esthetics. Both crowns are almost certain to last as long as your child’s tooth does. The zirconia crown restores the tooth to its normal shape and color and blends in with their other teeth. Some parents can’t even pick out which tooth has a crown! That’s just not possible with stainless steel.

Why do most offices still use stainless steel?

There are several reasons that an individual doctor might choose to use a stainless steel crown. One reason is that not all teeth or patients are good candidates for this stainless steel crown alternative. Another reason is that it requires extra training and knowledge that not every doctor or office has. The final reason is that the cost is just a little more than stainless steel crowns.

How much does this stainless steel crown alternative cost?

The fee for this procedure is similar to a stainless steel crown and your insurance will cover this at the same percentage as the stainless steel crown. Our fee for our kids white dental crown is $396 in 2015. That is highly unlikely to be the total cost though. Typically when a pediatric dental crown is being used there are other procedures being done on the tooth as well. One of the most common is a pulpotomy. This is when the nerve of the tooth is removed to eliminate and/or prevent infection. It is similar to a root canal that is performed on adult teeth. To check fees in your zip code we recommend using this dental fee website.

Dental codes to use are

  1. White dental crown D2929
  2. Pulpotomy D3230 (front tooth) or D3240 (back tooth)

metal kids crown