Single dental implant

Looking to have a single dental implant placed?

Dental implant placement is a routine procedure in dentistry today. To check out some of our before and after photographs click the link.

Who should get a dental implant?

wheaton dental implant

Natural looking dental implant!

Are you missing one or just a few teeth? If you answered yes than a dental implant may be an excellent way to help you regain that natural look and feel to your chewing, speaking, and smile!  If you are deciding between a dental bridge and a dental implant we have a few key questions to help guide you that are found here.  Call us today for a complimentary consult and Dr. Bauer will speak to you about your concerns and provide you with your options.

Q:What is a dental implant and why should I replace the space?

A: Dental implants are medical devices that replace the root portion of missing teeth.  A dental implant is a titanium “root” or post device that we surgically place into solid bone and then later we place a crown on top of.  We have also attached the video above that answers this question.

Q: What is the success rate of a dental implant?

A: Quality and quantity of the bone available at the site and the patient’s oral hygiene determine the success rate.  The consensus is that implants carry a success rate of 85-95%.

Q: What is the cost of a dental implant?

A: The cost varies and depends on many factors, but the simplest most basic will run about $2200.  If you have dental insurance it will cover some portion of that, but do not expect your dental insurance to cover all of it as it likely caps out at around $1,000 to $2,000.  Furthermore, remember that the dental implant is often only part of the treatment as something must go on top of the implant.  The most common situation we see is a single tooth that receives a single dental implant and a single dental crown.  The cost for that situation is between $4,000 and $5,000 without dental insurance.

Q:  Can I finance my dental implant treatment?

YES!  You can finance the whole process through our financing company Lending Club.  You can find out your payment options by clicking on the secure Lending Club link and filling out the information.  This process will not impact your credit score as it is a soft pull.


single dental implant

Why a dental implant over a traditional dental bridge?

There are many reasons why one would choose a dental implant over more traditional option, such as a dental bridge.

  1. First of all, you do not have to cut other teeth down to replace a space.
  2. A dental implant looks and feels like your natural tooth, but does not decay!
  3. If you lose other teeth in the future we can reuse the implant to support a bridge or denture.

How exactly do we place your dental implant?

We utilize the best technology available to aid us in ensuring that your dental implant placement is as precise as possible. The steps that we use to place an implant are below but you can also watch the video to see the steps as well.

Dental implant steps

  1. The implant consultation consists of an examination a 3D x-ray and a digital impression of your existing teeth and or gums.
  2. This same visit we will go over all the options and the cost of the different options.
  3. Next we do your surgery digitally utilizing the 3D x-ray and the digital impression. This information gets stitched together in our software so we know both what is inside and outside.
  4. The next step is optional. We often will then print a surgical guide that ensures your dental implant goes exactly where we planned for it to go in the software. There are some technical issues that do not always make a surgical guide better or easier, so we do always utilize one.
  5. Now we are ready for the surgery day. We usually schedule 1-2 hours and have you come and place the dental implant.
  6. Depending on where the dental implant is and how much bone you have it will heal for 3-4 months. You may have some type of temporary on the tooth or wear a removable temporary flipper during this healing.
  7. Next we have you return and take an impression of the area so a crown can be made.
  8. About 3 weeks later you return and get your crown! To see what that may look like when done click on our high resolution implant photographs.


Check out our dental implant video!

Basic procedure

In its most basic form the placement of an implant requires a preparation into the bone using precision drills.  After a few months the bone has grow around and into the dental implant.  At that point the implant will receive it’s crown.  We often place an immediate temporary tooth for any front tooth getting an implant.  To anchor the implant to your dental crown we use an abutment, that is in the photo above.  The amount of time required to place an implant will vary but is about 1-2 hours.

Surgical planning

Prior to commencement of surgery, careful and detailed planning is required to identify vital structures.  We will carefully examine the shape and dimensions of the bone. This allows us to properly orient the implant for the best possible outcome.  In the past, two-dimensional radiographs were taken prior to the surgery.  Today, we use our iCat CBCT machine to take a 3-dimensional image of the bone.  This imaging allows for a muc more accurate treatment plan.  We next use a video imaging device to capture the external surface of your teeth and a specialized 3D CAD/CAM computer program to digitally place the dental implant.  We also have an in office 3D printer that prints a guide and directs our drills and implant to go exactly where we plan it.

Healing time

The discomfort immediately after an implant is very minimal, but you will be receive prescription pain medication just in case.  Since over the counter ibuprofen is often enough for pain management, prescription medication use is rare. In general, after the implant surgery we allow 2–6 months for healing before any restorations are placed.