Veneers to replace old misshaped and miscolored crowns

veneer smile upgrade

Dental veneers and a little bonding

Case of the week

Jessica never really liked her smile.  She was missing two front teeth that were replaced with dental implants and crowns as a girl and had one center crown placed that was misshaped in comparison to the tooth next to it.  The color of the front 4 teeth were all a little different.  By replacing the crowns on the implants, the misshaped central crown, doing a single veneer, and a little cosmetic bonding we were able to get a beautiful natural result.

dental veneers

If you are interested in a smile upgrade give us a call!  We offer complimentary esthetic consultations.  You can often see digitally and in a mock up what we can do for you before committing to anything.  For more on the steps of dental veneers see our dental veneers link.