Caring For Teeth With Braces

caring for teeth with braces

Caring for Teeth with Braces

For many of us, braces are a part of life when we were kids. In many instances adults are getting braces as well. And like kids, we all enjoy reaping their benefits such as correcting crooked teeth, spacing out crowded teeth, bringing spaced out teeth back together, and genuinely improving our smiles. It’s no wonder people will go through some of the inconveniences braces may cause, because in the Caring for teeth with braces.end those inconveniences are worth once you have your braces removed.

However, for those wearing braces, it may seem like there is no end in sight. Adjusting to braces is definitely going to take some time, especially when it comes to speaking. You may have to exercise caution in certain situations like engaging in sports. Let’s not forget the foods you can’t eat because they may pop a brace off.

Perhaps the most drastic change that needs to be made while wearing braces is an overhaul to your oral hygiene. Unfortunately, those wires and brackets in your mouth are magnets for food. If you happen to require bands as part of correcting your teeth, then that’s another opportunity for food debris to get captured. In order to make sure that the food stuck in your braces doesn’t cause issues with your overall oral health you will need to take a few extra steps to ensure that your oral hygiene remains great.

How to Care for your Teeth with Braces


Brushing your teeth twice a day is the routine without braces. However, with braces you will want to brush your teeth after every meal. Even if it’s just a small snack in between meal, brush those teeth! Now you are not always going to have a toothbrush on you, so if you have a snack or meal and can’t brush, wash your mouth with water. Make sure to swish it around to break loose and free any food debris that may be stuck in your braces and wires.


If you weren’t a flosser before, you should become one with braces. Flossing will help remove food and plaque from in between your teeth and from under the wires. It may be difficult to get under the wires, so a floss threader will make that much easier to accomplish.


Yes, you have to be wary of what you eat. Even certain healthy foods can pose a problem. Raw apples and carrots can bend your wires and break your brackets off. If you are going to eat foods of this nature, it is best to cut them into small pieces. You definitely want to avoid sticky or chewy foods and snacks such as chewing gum, granola bars, and caramel. Now to the most important part, do not consume too many sugary foods. These can collect and cause poor oral hygiene and potentially lead to more severe problems. Your orthodontist will give you a list of foods to stay clear of or to consume with caution.

Sports and Braces

If you are involved in sports where there is a chance you can get hit in the mouth, wear a mouth guard. Even if you never needed one for a particular sport before, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

Smile with Braces

At Bauer Dentistry and Orthodontics, we proudly use Damon® Brackets that are available in metal and clear. These braces work faster because they are non friction, which means they allow movement more easily. If you would like to know more about braces and how they can improve your smile, call us today at 630-665-5550.