How to prep a premolar

Wheaton cosmetic dentist Bryan Bauer
How to prep a premolar for a veneer
End the occlusal margin when you do wrap-over = check occlusion first and determine where your opposing cusp contacts and then either end short of the contact (toward cusp tip) or
past the contact toward the central fossa.  Often time, there is a conservative occlusal amalgam or even some caries on the occlusal surface of a premolar you are going to prepare for a veneer and you can either wrap all the way over and included this restoration in the veneer or prepare a very conservative facial veneer and then just do a conservative occlusal composite.
  1. If you are not increasing the length of the buccal cusp (changing shade, bringing out buccal corridor, etc) – prepare a very conservative facial prep (0.3-0.5 mm) and then place a “step” prep.  This small step is placed approx 1.5 mm from the cusp tip following the the outline of the cusp.  This serves two purposes; One it provides a very definitive seat for the veneer while the ceramist fabricates it and also when you go to seat it, and two it provides some additional room for the ceramist to build in some cool incisal effects without you shortening the cusp tip as we
    have to do in anterior teeth
  2. If you are increasing the cusp length, I prefer a wrapover technique so that the ceramist has total control in shaping the lingual surface of the buccal cusp.
  3. Inclusion of any existing fillings
  4. Another option is no prep at all used when the only purpose is to bring out buccal corridor.