ICAP (Implant Crown Adhesive Plug)

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ICAP Implant Crown with an Adhesive Plug

ICAP is a restorative method we utilize to hide screw access holes for screw retained dental implant crowns.  It is not very popular because of the extra steps but is probably the most esthetic treatment modality.

This method can be utilized for screw retained dental implant crowns, screwmentable dental implant crowns, and large implant supported prosthesis.

Doing a screwmentable technique with a customized hybrid abutment and closing with the ICAP technique is probably the ultimate in esthetics.  However, we can attain very similar esthetics, certainly acceptable, with much simpler processes.

Really nice step by step for the adhesive plug.

Chandur Wadhwani Alfonso PiÑeyro article 2011


We utilize these two techniques to avoid cement sepsis. Both work well but one is cement and one is screw. Therefore, which one a dentist prefers depends on if the dentist prefers screw or cement retention for their dental implants.

ICEAM Implant Crown with Esthetic Adhesive Margin

Wadhwani copied Magne technique from his 2008 JPD article but uses zirconia abutment with ceramic instead of titanium abutment with ceramic.  Magne’s original idea is superior for several reasons covered in my hybrid abutment blog, which both of these could be considered. The method Magne originally describes is below.

ICAP v ICEAM for dental implants