Blue spot on lip

blue spots on lips

Blue spot on lip?

Blue spot on lip and looking for a treatment? It may be a venous lake that we treat on a regular basis with one of our dental lasers.

Blue spot on lip treatment

For more information on venous lake treatment check our page on venous lake lesions. The basics are that we give you a small amount of numbing agent and then remove the blue spot lesion with our laser. The process is very quick and you will not feel the laser as you will be numb. Most lesions are under the size of a dime and those smaller ones are both done very quickly and heal very quickly. Larger lesions take longer to treat and are often deeper into the lip.

Image of a blue spot on lip

Blue spot on lip treatment cost.

The cost to treat a venous lake in our practice is set at one fee no matter how large or how many you have on your lips. The cost changes from year to year so we only put the fee on the main page. This allows us to always give out an accurate cost. To see the current cost to treat your blue spot check out our venous lake page.

Image of blue spot on lower lip
Follow up image is not of great quality because most patients travel to see us for this and we only get cell phone follow up photos.

Lots more before and after photos of a blue spot on lip.

If you want to see more photos of lesions that people will refer to as a blue spot on their lip you can check out our before and after page of venous lake lesions. The size and shape of these blue spots may vary from person to person. Therefore, it is nice to see many photos. We have found that most people are very good at self-diagnosing these lesions correctly. However, some people will have a freckle that they call a blue spot. The great news is that we can treat freckles on the lip as well! So even if you are not sure exactly what the lesion is we can likely remove it!

If you have a blue spot on your lip, no matter what it is, you can send us a photo and we will get back to you with options!